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2008-04-03 11:14:45 by admiral420

Alright.....i may be new here as a member, but i've been this website since i was in Junior High School. This place is the shit. And i finally decided to become a memeber here cause i have been making mixes on my music program for a longass time and i want to know what people think about them. Not only that, i just want to make new homies in the cyber world.

So come on and talk to me, say whats up once in a while, check out my shit and drop a line to me. I'll be here.


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2008-04-03 13:02:49

Wow, lol, you look like a movie villain...
How do you like children? Grilled or fried?
Ok that was a crappy joke...
Liked your music btw

admiral420 responds:

You sayin my music sucks?


2008-04-05 09:04:49

Oh shit, I read that you like children, but it said chicken...
My bad bro...
Also the movie villain thing only applies to your previous picture

admiral420 responds:

Lol. yeah, its chicken bro.

And i actually get what you mean about my previous picture.